GetFrom.To: A Wiki For Getting From Point A To Point B

As I learned from my experience in finding the best way to get from Munich to Berlin, one way, it's hard to find out the ideal way to get from Point A to Point B. If you're not from there, it's even harder.

After much research, and I like doing research, I found a way that worked for me, which was a one-way Mercedes car rental, with a horrendous built-in GPS, and going 200km/h on the Autobahn. Believe it or not, for 2 people, this was cost-competitive with taking the train.

The sad part is, when someone figures out a good way to get from A to B and completes the journey, all that work/effort/research typically gets lost, even though it would be very useful information for someone else making the same journey in the future.

I was in a fortunate position in that I operated a blog, and could make a public posting about it, but not everyone has a blog they can just click "Create Content" on. Although people can comment on it, it's very possible for my experience to become outdated and not particularly useful.

Now Launching: GetFrom.To

To fix all this, I am creating a wiki called "GetFrom.To", as in, Get From A To B, but a shortened URL. As I am using the same engine as Wikipedia, anyone can edit it, so it won't get locked up and go out of date. It will also cover a lot more than I could on my own. When I was researching how to best get from Munich to Berlin, I found many forum postings, but they were from years ago, and may or may not have been relevant. Some forums automatically lock old postings so they don't get resurrected, and others just get abandoned. This is okay if you want a historical record, but chances are you want a living document that is functional for a future trip.

I feel that GetFrom.To will cover all the possible categories that one could want to travel in. The fast way, scenic way, cheap way, luxury way, are the types of categories each city pair will have. The journey can still be a part of the trip, if you want it to be, or you can choose a more "just get it done" method of travel.

The beauty of this system is that it can include methods that may only be known to locals, like car sharing services that are operated on a more unofficial basis, but very cheap. Even locally on Craigslist, I see entrepreneurs offering regularly scheduled ride-shares for low prices between major cities in Canada, but they can be hard to find (or perhaps of dubious safety/legality). Not everything is on the Google-indexed web, but this new wiki can help make it so.

I'll start GetFrom.To with a few articles self-written between various global cities, and hopefully others will fill in the gaps and correct it along the way. Although I'm sure very few people need to go from Khartoum to Pyongyang, the person that did had to perform plenty of research, and it's a sad thing for that knowledge to essentially disappear and not help the next person. The long-tail potential is huge. The potential for city pairs is staggering, given how many places there just are in the world.

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