Etymotic ER-4P in Canada - BEST PRICE HERE

I should add that the price on Amazon seems to vary. I paid US$169+tax+duty for mine, and the price right now if far higher, so you'll have to investigate the other usual suspects (Ebay!).

After searching far and wide, the best pricing I've found available to Canadians for the Etymotic ER-4P Portable In-Ear Earphones was from Amazon
Unlike most reasonably priced non-media on, they'll actually sell the Etymotic ER-4P Portable In-Ear Earphones directly to Canadians. I can't stand their typical policy of letting you add stuff to your cart, and only letting you know that there's no way they're going to ship it to you when you try to checkout.

Anyways, amazon will take care of and charge you for all necessary duties and taxes right at checkout. I even got a very nice email some weeks down the line refunding me almost all of the duty since they (upfront) overbill you in the first place.

The warranty is international as well, but just to note, if it sounds like one of the ends has stopped working, the filter probably needs to be replaced. I cringe on the day it plugs up when I'm on a trip and don't have the nice but big Ety kit with me.

Whoops, and that website for

Whoops, and that website for the cheapest ER-4P replacement filters shipped to Canada is:
It's still highway robbery for a tiny piece of plastic, but ah well, I don't have to change them that often, and Amazon's price is now US$260, even though I paid, as I said, $169 when I got them, a steal!

Cheap Etymotics ER-4 replacement filters

I've found the best pricing for ER-4 filters shipped to Canada here:
They're $13 for 3 pairs (ie: 6 filters), plus US$6ish shipping. There's a qty discount for buying more as well, I bought 6 pairs for $30.50 because I know I'll be using these headphones for a long time to come.
It's still a total ripoff, but it's cheaper than Ebay, etymotics, or another source I checked.
I've also read that using the filter change tool can stress the walls of the headphone, so I'll be sure to go easier on them in the future, and maybe even try to warm up the headphones a bit before each use (which will cause them to expand slightly, and more flexible, therefore less likely to crack). I've never had the problem, but supposedly it could happen with repeated filter changes.
Other than that, keep your ears clean!

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