Is Deal Extreme Down? Yep, Sure is.

The Deal Extreme Website is down as of January 22, 2009. A bunch of people are ending up at my Deal Extreme review page here anyway, because they were searching for sites about deal extreme being down. 

I will post updates on any updates I get on when they'll be back or if they're down for good.

Use this address for Deal Extreme from now on:

In the mean time, check out (Scroll down to the lower two Amazon links if you're in the US).

Canadian Stuff Below: (Yes, now has electronics)

US People See Below:

It is back online now as of

It is back online now as of 27 Dec 2010.

If you use the IP adress

If you use the IP adress with https it works fine. I did an order the 6/3/09 and its pending today 6/10/09...

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