Cogeco Overage Fees/Charges - Bandwidth - Call, Complain + Cancel!

It looks like Cogeco, the worst cable provider in Canada (I like to call them "Cage-co") is now actually charging overage fees on their internet service.

Apparently their internet service infrastructure is so bad that they had to resort to absurd usage caps. In reality, they're just doing it to steal more of your money, there's no real shortage of bandwidth!

If Cogeco tries to charge you overage fees, here's what to do:

Call and Complain about Cogeco's Overage Fee

Call Cogeco's customer support phone number (Account Hotline): 1-888-496-0555

Be sure to bring up that there's no shortage of bandwidth, it's all made up and they're just trying to take more of your money as a loyal customer. Be sure to mention how many years you've been a customer with them for, and how their decisions are eroding that loyalty if that's needed. Why should they treat you so poorly when you paid your bill every month, even when they increased it for no logical reason? Shouldn't the increases have paid for a better network so they wouldn't have to ration bandwidth in the first place? Bad management I'll say. 

I've heard that their bandwidth counter that you can check online can give different numbers than you see on the bill, so be sure to mention that if there's a discrepancy. If there's no way you could have used the amount of bandwidth they say you did, give them reasons why, such as how you only have one computer in the house and no wireless internet that could be stolen. Be sure to explode if they accuse you of doing anything potentially illegal, like illegal file sharing. 

Politely ask them to reverse the overage fee, and if they say that the credit is a goodwill gesture for a month, mention to them that you will stay with them for another month only, as a "goodwill gesture". Be polite as much as you can complaining about the Cogeco overage fee though, it isn't the fault of the CSR that is answering your call that you're being charged a stupid overage fee, but do present your well-reasoned arguments. If they refuse, say that you want to give them notice of your intention to cancel your internet (and cableTV?) service.

If you want to contact Cogeco's Office of the President, good luck, they don't publish a phone number or an email address.

If you wish to cancel your Cogeco service, and with unnecessary Overage Fees everyone can understand why, they require 30 days notice. There's no real reason for the 30 days of notice, other than them trying to get you to pay for another month of service. So be sure to get them to credit your account first for any overage, and then call again to give notice to cancel. 

Absolutely refuse any retention offer Cogeco gives you, it'll cost you more in the end, you shouldn't have to be at the point of cancelling your Cogeco service for them to stop it with ridiculous fees.

Alternatives for Internet Service

Teksavvy offers a virtually unlimited internet service in Ontario and Quebec for just $30/month+tax. Their monthly cap is 200gb, 20 times Cogeco's for a similarly priced plan. This cap may go down to 60gb, but that means you're still 6x better off for the same price. They run over Bell's lines, so they're going to be more reliable than Cogeco. They're especially cheaper if you don't have cable TV. 

Teksavvy does require that you buy your own modem, and I have everything you need for just $40, so contact me.

Another option is to talk to your neighbours. A wifi router placed high up in a house, such as on the second story, ideally near a window, should be able to reach them, see if they'd like to split the bill with you, especially if they're the email/news type of bandwidth user. Likely they're on Cogeco and unhappy too. Maybe even change your service, and sell service to your neighbour?

Why Not Switch your Cogeco TV Service Too?

If Cogeco is going to charge you based on how much you use the internet and give you pitiful limits, they're probably going to sleazily start charging, ahem, "by the hour" for watching TV soon too. Take a look at your other options, like StarChoice and Expressvu

Cogeco Overage Fee Conclusion

Instead of easily beating the competition (Bell is not hard to beat!), Cogeco is sinking along with them, it's too bad, Cogeco could have 100% of the market if they just tried to put out a good product at a reasonable price. Heck, hundreds of Cogeco customers voiced their concerns about the overage fee here and Cogeco seems to have just ignored them. Who would want to do business with Cogeco ever???


Editor Notes: Please leave a comment here with your experiences! Many others will read and appreciate your tips! 

overages out of this world

I could repeat my storey of 4 months with company and repeat calls to question rediculous overage charges that we never used, uploads ect ect....up to 800 +$$$ in three months, but they will not listen just want your money.!!!and blame the customer but Im not paying it i recommend nobody pay them for services they didn't use!!!! switch to tek savvy

Cancelled Cogeo, switched to Teksavvy a year ago

I have been with Cogeco for years, and finally decided to switch to Teksavvy. Cogeco has decided to go duopoly route with Bell instead of honestly competing. It is obvious that there is absolutely no intention on their part to change their ways and in the end it will be their undoing. With Teksavvy I am treated as customer should be treated and best service possible philosophy is protruding in every aspect of their company. I hope they remain that way when they take over market from Bell and Cogeco, and they will.
Although Cogeco had reliable fast internet, it lacked in almost every other aspect of their business. I hear similar things about Bell too. Their motto is create maximum profit, not service. I guess they are good to their shareholders at the moment, but they have same future as automotive companies with that myopic vision.

Cogeco is ripping me off

Have ben with COGECO, for at least 10 years. Everything was always billed as stated via telephone conversations. This last year, it has been horrible.
Negotiated a package deal for $ 141/monthly. TV, Internet and Telephone. My first bill was $ 494.58. After a phone call, referring them to our earlier conversation, it was reduced to $ 300. . However this month bill just came, they ignored what was decided upon earlier! The bill reads now $ 351,58
Charged again the previous amount and the $ 300.00 was considered as a partial payment. I have not been able to call them until 7 am. I am a retired senior citizen, they are asking for half of my pension. I simply cannot afford this.
I need help, COGECO does obviously not do this!
Can anyone help an elderly law abiding citizen?

determend to not lay down and pay overages

I just got an overage bill saying I used 666G for September and I went online to see my internet usage for October and its also over 600g! My computer got a virus or worm of some sort at the end of August and has not been used since. I called Cogeco because there is NO way I used that much in one month with Netflix a couple times a week and a couple cell phones. The first car was very nice and agreed there is no way we could have used that much and there is definitely a problem. The car assured me that the overage charges would be reversed but he would have to have a supervisor call me to do it. The supervisors called 2 days later and said it was my fault ,my responsibility and they don't reverse overages!
needless to say I have called back and argued,emailed them and I won't stop until they fix it and then I'm canceling both my cable and internet.


Wow we learned the hard way about cogeco. We just cancelled our service with them after they charged us $1200 for two months which we are not going to pay because we did not use that much for sure, but we are going to get this out on the web to prevent other people from making the same mistake.


This just happened to me I have been a customer for over 7 years never had any major issues then all the sudden 900g, 850g in 2 months when I called they agreed with me this is just wrong I mean if it was 100 $ more ok but it was 3 times my monthly bill . Then the supervisor came on the phone and said it was all my fault and he can't do notting for me just to tell me to deal with it also called me a liar when I told him that I did t not use that much usage his name was ROSS AND HE SHOULD BE FIRED FOR THE WAY HE TREATS A VALUABLE CUSTOMER

My Hero

Quit your whining!

Whoever wrote the above titled article, you are truly my hero. I have worked in the telecommunications industry for over a decade. One trend I've noticed that has changed over the years is the sense of entitlement people have with services. They feel that they should get what they want, whenever they want and have the company pay them to take it. I'll let you in on a little secret, it costs money to provide the service, the vast majority of telco's are corporations, they are in it to make money...NO WAY!!! When it comes down to it, a corporation isn't a much different entity than that of a family household, you bring in an income, you need money to cover your expenses, food shelter, money to invest in the future, money to enjoy now, you are out there to make the most profit possible, why is it such a hard concept that a company is out to do the same. I work in the retention department for an unamed telco, money truly does bring out the worst in people. Day in and day out I listen to people complain about how their promotion wasn't like it was last year, why did my bill go up....well I don't know, you've only been calling in the last three years doing this. Most customer's take zero accountibility for their service. As the per the previous article, most customer balk at the suggestion of reading their service agreement, which states everything they need to know about the service, i.e. internet usage, cancellation policies etc. C'mon guys you're not going in to Tim Horton's and asking for a promotion on your medium double double....or are you????

How can u explain a customer

How can u explain a customer for years that hasn't made that mistake then all the sudden it's there 500 $ more ?? Ur just a bum who has to deal with customers and hate your job. You are unreal ur my hero hahahaa your own mom probably hates you no wonder all the csr jobs are going to India u ppl just can't do any job right



What services are you

What services are you complaining about? There are usually other options available for phone, internet and TV, but it depends on where you live.

Cogeco Complaints

"Call and Complain about Cogeco's Overage Fee. Be sure to give them an earful about how there's no shortage of bandwidth, it's all made up and they're just trying to take more of your money as a loyal customer."

Who do you think answers the phones on Cogeco's behalf? The people you speak to who are on the front lines of customer service have ABSOLUTELY NO INVOLVEMENT in this company's decision-making processes. They did NOT instate or enforce the bandwidth cap and associated fees. What you're condoning is abusive. The ONLY way you can hurt Cogeco is by cancelling all of your services with them while encouraging others to do the same. Answering phones for customer service positions is an ENTRY LEVEL job, they aren't given any influence on company policy. Please do not even think about mistreating these people. If you follow this person's misguided advice, you'll make an ass of yourself while ruining a minimum-wage worker's day. The people who can make changes that effect customers will NEVER answer a phone to speak with a customer, please don't kid yourself.

My article always said:

My article always said:

"Politely ask them to reverse the overage fee, and if they say that the credit is a goodwill gesture for a month, mention to them that you will stay with them for another month only, as a "goodwill gesture". Be polite as much as you can complaining about the Cogeco overage fee though, it isn't the fault of the CSR that is answering your call that you're being charged a stupid overage fee, but do present your well-reasoned arguments. If they refuse, say that you want to give them notice of your intention to cancel your internet (and cableTV?) service. "

I've bolded it to be clear that one must be polite while dealing with any CSR.

Hi M.Firstly, I think my

Hi M.

Firstly, I think my article says what you're saying: Just cancel your service. Hopefully the "Reason for Cancellation" will get properly documented as being due to the bandwidth caps by bringing that up as one's complaint. Maybe, just maybe, Cogeco will get the idea that people won't tolerate their poor business decisions, but knowing how this industry operates, they'll drive themselves and their shareholders to the grave before figuring it out. Like you said, the people at the top have no idea what's going on at the bottom leading to dysfunction in its truest form.

I overwhelmingly understand that employees generally have little control over corporate policies. This is actually one of the reasons I don't like dealing with companies like Cogeco; they're rigid and inflexible, even if the CSR knows what needs to be done, they're often powerless to fix the problem. This is also why I encourage Cogeco customers to change to other companies that empower their employees. Problems just get solved faster that way, and it appears that the non-Cogeco options are usually cheaper as well. It's a "no-brainer" from the consumer's point of view to switch from Cogeco to anyone else.

I also have worked in positions where a good chunk of my time was spent answering customers' phone calls, so, from my point-of-view, it's a "been there, done that" scenario. This is one of the reasons I feel fortunate in that I am generally able to choose employers that will afford me some independence and flexibility. Those that do not have this freedom should feel motivated to go home each day and apply for jobs that have this. It's worth a pay cut.

My understanding is that, when a person calls in to complain to these telecoms, the CSR has to follow a script in order to "win back" the customer. They may even get performance bonuses based upon their "win back" rates in order to better take their employer's point-of-view rather than a customer's.

My basic point was to get customers to not give into the temptation to Cogeco's attempt to "win back" them. When negotiating, especially when there's an imbalance of power, such as between an individual and a Canadian telecom, one must always reject the first offers, they're sucker bets.

Because the CSR is likely following a script, the caller needs to be armed with good answers to questions on these scripts. The whole process is designed to get the customer to agree with the price increase, or limit that didn't exist last month. My article educates the consumer that this limit is largely based on a fictitious shortage, and Cogeco is trying to screw them because the customer often doesn't know any better. Yes, I am trying to enrage the current customers a little bit, but only to motivate them to switch to a better provider.

Having said that, I agree that mistreating a CSR won't win any points. I never do that, and I don't think I encouraged it here? There are times when I get "the script" and have to just calmly say "I have no interest in your winback offers, discounts, credits or anything else that you wish to offer. Do not waste my time or yours. I hereby demand that you cancel this service immediately with no further questions that aren't relevant to cancelling this service." But that's the extent of any rage on my part. Any readers here should follow the same philosophy, don't take out your provider's bad business decisions on the CSR that likely has zero power or freedom to change policies.

It's all a script on Cogeco's end, and many other large companies, so just give carefully thought-out answers to the script and you'll get what you want. Yes, you're talking to a person, but you mind as well be talking to a robot, since the employer removes any sense of personality from the CSRs :(

I have edited that portion of the article that you quoted, which might be taken to mean that a soon-to-be ex-customer should take out their rage on the CSR, but one should not. The intent of my statement was to educate the soon-to-be ex-customer that they should have prepared long and good, an earful's worth, of answers if Cogeco brings up "bandwidth shortages" or "those kids who download the internet".

M, would you have any knowledge of the quickest way to cancel one's Cogeco service without having to go through too many hoops and without having to wait on hold? That would help us all out the most.

I've edited your name down to the initials you gave, just in case it was real, and you wouldn't want this to later cause problems.

We switched to the Cogeco

We switched to the Cogeco cable, phone, internet package in May. We were given a PVR with the package. The service guy showed up, had ME move ceiling tiles (60 yr old female) so he could perform his job. When he was "apparently" finished he phoned our home phone, it rang and he left. When he left he explained that it would take about 20 minutes for the tv/cable thing to load up all the channels (weird because we had always had Cogeco cable). I waited over an hour and when I finally tried to turn the tv on, I realized nothing was working. No cable, no phone, no internet. This was the May 24th Friday evening around 7pm. Needless to say, I spent over an hour on my cell phone with an absolutely abhorrent service person who obviously had better things to do than to fix my problem. She informed me there was nothing she could do until "sometime" Tuesday as it was a holiday weekend. Thankfully, a neighbor was a former employee and came to our rescue on Saturday and we were up and running. I called Cogeco Tuesday morning to cancel the service call and they told me there was nothing scheduled for my account. I had them put it on record that my first 72 hours with them was beyond dissatisfying and at the first sign of any other trouble, I was cancelling my account. So, 7 months later I have endured constant interupted service, slow internet and daily phone disruption. To add insult to injury, the bastards are now telling me they want $70 per service to disconnect. I am so done with Cogeco.


i dont have email because

i dont have email because bell doesnt allow me to have any but theres, and i refuse to use there non private email quitting bell in 2 weeks and im looking for an isp that isnt a thief and crook and liiar.. do they exist?.. i refuse to give cogeco in chatham kent free access to my bank account to recieve overpriced services and ignorant customer service. crtc is in bed with bell and i refuse to ever call 310 bell just to reach india to explain myself a zillion times to them.. ive left voicemails on the ceo,s phones in quebec and also reported bell to phone busters for telemarketing me 5 times a day eventhough im already on a DO NOT call far they have been paid 300 dollars in 30 days and in there opinion it isnt good enough. cbc is coming to my house on friday to interview me on camera so the world can see how much of crooks bell is. and have reported cogeco to the authorities for lying to obtain personal banking info illegaly.

Teksavvy: 1.877.779.1575

Check out Teksavvy. They have a number of options available in Chatham-Kent. They're local to you too. Call them at 1.877.779.1575

we were told from cogeco that

we were told from cogeco that they require an open access to our bank acount in order to provide us internet and want a hundred dollars to hook it up in chatham kent.

cogeco sucks ass!

cogeco sucks ass!

Done with Cogeco

Three months of overage charges. Three straight months. $180 here, $260 there another $205 here. Over $600 dollars for three months of Internet. That's not even including the second line I had to set up because of the original overage charges on the low cap lines. I put up with Cogeco for years because they were the only game in town that offered a decent speed for multiple users. First time around I was getting hit with almost $200 a month for overage on one account. So, I tried to alleviate the problem by changing to cheaper packages and signed up for 2 lines. I figured 2 lines at 80 bucks a month each wouldn't be so bad. Shortly after signing up, I got a letter telling me somebody's second cousin signed a piece of paper in Parliament that said it was okay for Cogeco to charge an unlimited amount for overuse, but they'd add an extra 25 GB to compensate. That's when I started to see a rise. Months without seeing a single overage with a cap that was less by 25 GB. Now that Cogeco was allowed to charge an unlimited amount for overuse I started to see my usage start to inch upwards. 5 bucks, then $10 then $20. This last one... $85. This is ridiculous. How was this possible when I didn't see overage on a cap of 150 GB, but for some reason now that my cap was 175 GB and Cogeco could charge how ever much they wanted, I was seeing overages all the time?

I stayed away from groups like Teksavvy in the past, because basic DSL speed isn't conducive for multiple PCs and multiple video portals (The real reason why Cogeco caps us is to prevent us from using these portals to access entertainment via a method not profitable for a cable television provider), but after a little research, I found a Chinese Fiber Optic ISP that will give me Unlimited 25Mbps DL and 10Mbps UL per month for roughly the same amount as just a single bill. I shut off my Cogeco services next week after the technician sets up my line. Zai jian, Cogeco. I hope it all works out well and It'll be too soon if I ever see a Cogeco bill in my mailbox again.

Here's a n idea..

First and foremost- NO ISP can charge unlimited amounts for overages. You would have found that out by calling Cogeco. As absurd as some of our providers can be - it looks as if your expectations and useage of the internet is even more absurd. Are you so consumed by the internet that you are willing to put up this type of money to get what you want? Have you ever considered exercise? Riding a bike? All of that stupid money you just blew on overages - which you would have known of after the first overage bill you received - could have been used to do something else. You are burning through an insane amount of bandwidth. Until the time comes when ISPs are forced to offer unlimited packages - you would be wise to play within the rules. Complaining isnt going to work. So you either alter your useages or pay up. I am curious as to who this mysterious Chinese provider is. Is it

Actually its called

Actually its called And we all already know that complaining doesnt work, cuz these companies KNOW their dinosaur-age business model is done man...having said that, your ignorant and unresearched response makes me suspect that you are a hired shill working for either Cogeco or it both? Am i getting warm?

cogeco screwed me twice over

This is crazy the way cogeco tell you exactly how much your bill will be once you down or upgrade your service, I asked the girl straight out, what will my bill be from now on after i pay this payment she tells me the price, then the next months bill is like 50 dollars more than what she quoted me, I was so mad, i called back when the next bill came in and the girl said well its more because of the overage fee we charge because you have netflix, and I said when I talked to the woman last month she knew i had netflix put me in a yr.s contract , lowered the amount of that bill and said from now on your bill will be 157.00 when i got the bill it was 211.00 they said when i called them , Oh she obviously didnt count the overage fee from the previous month..unreal, no matter how upset you get on the phone, it doesnt do any good, they just say , sorry mam we cant help you, after they locked me in the previous month, oh my gosh what scammers this company is..why isnt there another cable company so we have a choice, you would see them competing and lowering monthly bills, right now they have you by the $%#@## because all there is, is satellite tv which I dont care for since it goes out a lot in bad weather! so your stuck with cogeco all through windsor and sarnia etc..I go to florida in the winter for a few months and you get triple the channels over there for 100 dollars less a month or more...Im so sick of these people..!!no matter how much i complain nothing ever helps or works with these people..!!

Dusk channel is leaving Cogeco?

I gave up on Cogeco internet and went with MSNi ... obviously runs over Bell lines but there is no usage cap and it's gone out once in a year whereas Cogeco internet was down every time it rained. #switchnow

I'm peeved that the Dusk channel is leaving. I miss TBS too (Conan O'Brien - can see the nightly shows on the Comedy Channel but not the specials!). I don't think I could access satellite as I live on the north side of a multi-residential condo building? Regardless, both of those channels are not broadcasting in Canada anymore.

What is up with that? How can the CRTC expect businesses to stay competitive and trap its own citizens in this monopoly!? I often think our cell phones would be so much cheaper if we had the choice that the US does.

Also peeved that I've paid for my DVR (Cogeco) at least 3x's over by now because of their stupid renting policy. Why can't I pause in one room and watch in another like Rogers up near Toronto!?

Shady Cancellation fees


Do not use Cogeco! We had them for years (our one year contract was long over). I called to inform them we would be keeping our internet service and cancelling cable. I was told there was a cancellation fee because of our "contract". We were never told about any contract, sent paperwork, anything! Apparently, when I called 6 months earlier to cancel service and they gave me free stuff to get me to stay, that meant I "agreed to a contact". Scammers.
I ended up cancelling all service and going with TekSavvy (who have been great so far!). I opened a case with the Better Business Bureau and got half the cancellation fee back but I am still out $85 which I have to pay even though it is BS to keep my credit rating in good standing.


This is so true!! I'm

This is so true!! I'm canceling my account but they said I had been on a 2 year verbal contract with them
because I didn't turndown their services terms, which came from nowhere!

Cogeco is a very low grade

Cogeco is a very low grade service. You can bet that any time there is an absence of competition the consumer will pay for junk and pay dearly. Cogeco is run by a bunch of greedy pigs who have no interest in giving you a quality product for one reason: they don't have to. Once the government is forced by us to give up its protectionist policies and encourages real competition Cogeco will not have the skills or the staff to survive.

While I'm at I will join the millions who find the Weather Channel disgusting, insulting and worthless. I NEVER tune it in. The best weather information is the Weather Underground on the web. The detailed part of each location page is intelligent and professional.


I HATE THEM SOOO MUCH . im switching to bell to try them ( only services in my area )

Thier Movie network was really good 4-5 years ago , lots of great movies . NOW it sucks , they play nothing but Straight 2 DVD movies , TV movies , SYFI channel Movies and alot of FRENCH canadian movies which is funny because Cogeco is based in Quebec. It wouldnt suprise me if they funded these french movies and made ZERO money so now they stick them on thier movie network .
cogeco has changed multiple channels and keep charging me for them . HD NET - they changed to Oasis . Scream - they changed to dusk . Raptors tv channel - they changed to NBA tv .

Ive also had some channels just stop working and get a on screen message that says i need to order them when i already own them and its always the same channels and i have to phone and get them to fix it ... WORST THING ABOUT IT IS they always want your cable box number which is located at the bottom of the box and when you have your set up all nice and neat and well organized its a huge pain getting to it.

Another thing is I just moved from a big city to a really small town and i cant get the same channels that i had with cogeco when i was living in a city . I phoned them and they said that these channels would be in my area soon !?!
WHAT A JOKE .. WHY THE HELL is the service different in each town ??????????

ALSO you can use thier Cable box or internet modem and pay a rental service yet you never own them. At my old house i had Cogeco internet and i was moving so i canceled the service and they wanted the modem back . i had it for 4 years , i should of owned by now .. I never gave it back , i told the service guy to f****ing bad , ive had wars with thier costumer service many times and i dont back down . COSTUMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT !

Office of the President

Office of the President 905-333-7987

Cogeco webpage

I am stuck with cogeco cable in a condo after having bell satellite in our house for 10 years. Completely terrible tv experience. The screen pixelates, the screen through my now 4th pvr blacks out for 4 or 5 seconds. I just tried to access their webpage to see how much bandwidth I used last month and their page does not come up. The cogeco experience should be used in business schools as an example of how a cable company granted a monopoly can provide a poor product at a premium price and yet turn out poor financials.

internet services

I use to be with bell they are total rip off artists ; I was signed in with high speed but rarely got no more then 5 mbps ; I called them several times they sent a service tech here 1st said my inside lines were bad then said outside was corroded ; they ran new line to my house nothing wrong with inside line still the speed was slow ; I got sick of all their excuses then said I was cancelling my service their rep called back tired to tell me that high speed was not available in my area yet for past 3 years they were ripping me off for high speed yet giving me low speed service ; they said they;d make it up by lowering my bill to the low speed if I stuck it out with them ; I asked for a refund for past 3 years got no where ; so I told them to kiss my ass and also said I was off the phone service also ; I called cogeco now I get a full 14 mbps almost all the time that's 3 to 4 times faster with what I got with bell for same money ; there were times with Bell I ;d get a pitiful 2 MBPS ; their service sucks plus I had to have those idiot things on my phone line to not interfere with my internet and lots of times no one could get through when I was on my pc ; there probably is no ideal service provider but I;d never get bell ; i;d go with out before signing with those bastards ; I;m not the only person ripped off for high speed when they knew that it was not available a [person I knew at the bank same thing happened to her mom her husband WAS A LAWYER AND HE THREATEN TO SUE THEM AND THEY GAVE HER 2 YEARS CREDIT


Signing up with CAGE-CO means your also agreed to sign up with an internet package. WHICH INCLUDES A BANDWIDTH LIMIT. The real issue at hand here is you dident monitor your bandwidth usage and you got charged for something you did. BOO HOO Your wireless network is open and someone used your internet? YOUR FAULT again BOO HOO

Lets put it this way for people who dont understand the internet.
You have a long distance package that lets you have 50 minutes free then after that 50 minutes it goes on to charge you a different rate. So when you talk for 80 minutes on the phone Long Distance, you wouldent expect those calls to be free. you would expect to pay for 30 minutes of long distance usage that month.

Cogeco gives you 40 gigs of Internet bandwidth. Lets say you use 50 gigs of bandwidth you would have to pay for 10 gigs of extra usage.

Cogeco did not SCAM you.
Nearly no Internet Service Provider will let you have an unlimited bandwidth package anymore, this is because it does cost money to move all that DATA. This internet is not magic. There is an enormous amount of infrastructure that YOUR data must pass thru before it comes to you. Thats what your paying for.

Bell, Rogers, EVERYONE has bandwidth caps, So if your an idiot like i assume you are. Your still going to get bandwidth overuse charges no matter who your ISP is. The best conclusion one could draw is to educate your self about WHY your being charged and not blame the company whos policy you signed up with.

Idiots? way to post 2 years later....

This is in response to the post "Idiots?" Do you realize the your responding to a post that over 2 years old? I'm pretty sure that until that September, nobody charged overage fees for bandwidth. Then they turned it on, and started charging people, out of the blue.

FYI, you can now go with Teksavvy or Acanac (Cable & DSL) and get unlimited bandwidth plans that kick Cogego and Bells' butts. Cogeco's service sucks...I 'm paying for 14Mbps and the last few weeks I've been getting 2Mbps if I'm lucky. I'm calling to cancel today, and going with Acanac's 24Mbps plan for $40/month.

I have just received a bill

I have just received a bill from cogeco for over $4,000 for 3 months service. They had me switch to a new package and then they change the package to "uncap" the maximum amount of overage on the internet. I tried to complain in November and got the run around, and they are now forcing me to cancel my services.

1 month bill is over $400.00

Our internet bill alone is over $ 400.00...No cable or telephone. I called the customer service and was told because we have wireless other people could be using our service. I must pay the amount owing. Now Im researching to see what can be done about it. I almost had a stroke.

When my son looked into our service, its because of watching Netflix....Do I really pay for this?.... This is supposed to be a $ 79.00 a month which is their best deal. Where is the deal to this?

Help and suggestions...

re: 1 month bill-

You might want to call and look into that, because in their fine print, the cap is for 50$ over on all packages except the 59 dollar one and the 99 dollar one.
Those two come with 175gb and 250gb of usage respectively. I think there has been something wonky with their tracking of GB for a while, because we went over even when we were away for 3 weeks one month! (yes, with our connection actually shut off in the house while we were away). Since they did their updates/upgrades in october or so, we're using less than ever before according to our usage, but we haven't really changed our usage patterns, if anything, we're doing more gb wasting things.
Is your router/modem secure? It is possible someone else is piggy backing off you. But I'm inclined to blame cogeco.

My dang back!

Put a password on your wireless network you dinosaur.

I have been with cogeco

I have been with cogeco forever and up until about 1.5 years ago I was always 100% happy with them. I have the turbo 14 package which states speeds up to 14Mbps(I do speed tests all the time never has it gone over 10 usually around 9.98Mbps) I always seem to get disconnected and lose my connection 5-10 times a week I know others who have the same problem it is a pain when you play video games or stream movies. That I could live with I guess but when they added this new 1.50$ charge for each gb you go over 80gb 30$ max I was paying 48.95+30$ every month(I use around 125gb a month net flicks and other streaming) Then recently they upped it to 50$ so I have been paying 48.95+50+tax=111.18$ a month for a crap normal cable internet service are you joking me?

Cogeco is total trash I read that to store 1gb it costs them 3 cents max so like 4.5 cents for 1.5gb and they charge me 1.50$ lol! So I looked at bells website I remember 10-15 years ago everyone had Bell everything but due to poor choices, poor customer service and the slow speed of DSL compared to cable they lost the majority of there customers so I was really spectacle about switching to them. After reviewing all my options myself I was like wow on all there packages/pricing to I called them and the CSR on the phone gave me even more promotions I will list everything below as I am sure there is tons of people in the same boat I am in.

I was able to get Fibe 25 internet(25mbps with 7mbps upload 125gb bandwidth limit)
Digital basic plus(comes with 3 Digital Theme Packs)
Home phone choice(unlimated local calling + your choice of 5 features) - I added on 500 minutes of long distance for 7$ extra
PRICE=111$ a month for first 12 months and 170$ after that. This comes with HDPVR free for 36 months. After that, you can choose to own it at no extra cost(cogeco charges me 5$ a month for a normal crap digital box)
The csr also told me to call back after 12 months and they will give me another promotion they have running at the time I call so I don't go all the way up to 170$ a month.

Digital value pack TV 48.99(same thing as bell but no free HD channels and no HDPVR free of charge)
High speed turbo 14 internet 48.95(16mbps with 1mbps upload 80gb per month bandwidth limit) - Really runs at 9.90mbps every time I have tested it.
Phone select package 32.99 included the 10$ discount because I have all 3 would normally be 42.99(I only get 100 mins long distance and call display and answering machine)
50$ for internet over use fee a month(they give me 80gb we use about 120-130gb a month)
4.99 Standard box rental
PRICE=186$ a month

Now below I will explain why the "16$" difference is so worth the change for me.
1. I am getting way better internet service that will be about 2.5x faster then what I have great for multiple computers + xbox gaming all going at once.
2. I am getting a free HDPVR
3. If I want more bandwidth a month they have these options 40gb 5$ 80gb 10$ 120gb 15$ flat rate. with cogeco this would be 50$ in all 3 cases and if you are on there new fibre optics would be 40gb 40$ 80gb 80$ 120gb 120$
4. I am getting way more channels I get to choose 3 packages + free HD channels
5. I am getting way more options on my phone

To sum this up the only reason I even looked into this switch was because they were gauging me 50$ extra a month even if they had the option of a fair flate rate like bell does to buy more gb per month I prob would have never even looked at other options but once I did boy was I glad I did you get 12 months of huge savings then when that ends I will still be paying less for more in everything I also have the chance to get there new promotions when these end(even if this is BS its still cheaper) I ensured I was under no contract either and I could upgrade/downgrade all my services any time I wanted. The only thing is there is a one time fee of 29.95 activation fee but cogeco wanted me to pay 49.95$ just to have the tech come in to set me up on a higher internet package. They also offer 30 day satisfaction guarantee which is great for me because I have not trusted bell in a long time but it now looks like the cable companies are doing everything bell did that was wrong 10-15 years ago and now bell is stepping it up.

One last quick note I did get the best internet package available and the 2nd from the bottom on both the TV package and phone package so depending on your needs your bill will be even cheaper then 111$(for 12 months) and 170 after that. For example if I down grade my cable package and remove the 500 mins long distance my bill goes to 84$(for 12 months) 143 after that and this still would have the best internet available. There is 5 lower internet packages then what I got and I am pretty sure they go -10$ per one you go down so that should help you estimate a more accurate price range or you can go look yourself on there site! My households main priority is Internet>Phone>TV but every ones is different I am sure you could get the best tv package and lower the internet package for around the same price etc.

Finally I am done this was long and my spelling grammar is horrible but hopefully this helps some people out there that are unhappy with there cable company find better service good luck everyone.

construction Notice

Am I legally bound to let Cogeco rebuild the cable distribution system over or under my private property. This is not cty property

Their flyer states that in the event that my sprinkler system is damaged p-lease contact the construction co-ordinator prior to calling a sprinkler system repair service

God damn cable kids get off my lawn

Seeing as they own the distribution system, ON your property. Yes, you dont own a distribution system do you? Was it there befor you moved in? (probebly) Again Yes they have every right to go on your property to maintain the things they own, Over or under your property. Im sure it wont effect your precious lawn spinkler!

The problem is that you

The problem is that you usually don't actually own the property that is usually ~20-50' from the road, the city just forces you to take care of it. So, likely they're building over city property, not yours. It really depends on where Cogeco wants to do the building.

Here's How You Can Get Them

If you have Cable TV and InterNet services from them, Call and cancel TV Only. Then, when the TV Service is disconnected, get a $2 cable splitter and split the cable from your Internet cable twice. Send one to your Cogeco modem and the other to your TV. (Must be Ffat panel with built in digital tuner. They almost all are now.) Now, re-scan your signal with your tv and enjoy FREE Cable TV. That way, you're finally fu%^ing them for about $50 or $60 a month and paying the overcharged price for the internet won't feel bad at all.

For those of you who are not aware, the television and internet both come to you on the same line. They will install seperate lines in most cases to make people think they travel on seperate lines. Using a splitter to sent the tv and internet will not slow your connection down one single kb.

Anyway, head over to your local corner store, grab a splitter and start saving large. Enjoy.

I have a splitter! I love

I have a splitter! I love it! It works and has been working for about ten years now... maybe longer. Prior to the internet/cable line, I just got my neighbors cable with a splitter on their outside equipment. And I'm that much $$$ richer! LOVES IT! Thanks Cogeco ;) ;) ;)

Black beard of TV here! WATCH OUT!!!!

WOW DUDE, Did you reallly pirate TV? REALLY I MEAN LIKE REALLY? BECAUSE THAT ROCKS! When they catch you for tampering with their shit dont be suprised you get a fine.

For the simple people out there looking at their modems wanting to do this right now! Your cable line shoullllld be locked to your modem with a stupid sleve of metal Getting this off is your first task. Everything else is from the dollar store right?


Google it, it doesn't work, first the "free" tv is digital and now scrambled, second they use rf filters that block out the analogue cable, third, google the fines and jail times that people have gotten from bell, Rogers and cogeco and it might change ur mind

All "communications services" are rip-off artists.

I just surfed to this page because I was checking out Cogeco's internet service and saw how dreadful it is! However they are all bad frankly - aside from the big cartel, even Teksavvy and the other alternatives are charging far too much.
Everyone who is complaining here has, I hope, joined and is helping in the fight for an affordable. and open internet, as well as opposing the Harper US-genuflecting crowd and their insane police state proposals.
If none of you paid for these ridiculous services for a while we'd see the prices drop considerably. I cannot believe that people are prepared to pay up to $100 and more to watch the garbage delivered on TV or download more of the same on computers! I have only a dial-up connection ($5) that is quite adequate for general web surfing, email, using IMs and Skype (yes, including voice calls) but admittedly I cannot watch Utube or any video really since the introduction of Flash! In any case most of the stuff I want to hear or watch is geoblocked!!! No wonder we have people on the streets protesting against big-business and their government hacks all round the world. But as some Cogeco sleeper in another comment said, - if you don't like it don't use the "service"! That's right and if everyone had the fortitude to do this we would see some change for sure.
BTW I use the free NetWorx bandwidth/usage monitor, so it is easy to check your over-billing issues.
In Europe high speed internet service is being considered a basic right for everyone, and an absolute necessity for successful economies today, and as such are providing heavily subsidised networks. They are not allowing the population to be held hostage by monopolies and cartels as we have in North America.
Finally I am having to consider HS because ordinary web sites and even email systems are becoming so loaded with useless graphics and other dynamics that it makes dial-up much more difficult to use than only 2 years ago - however since I want to get rid of my telephone land-line (fed up with that rip-off too!) I have a problem - but obviously cable internet is NOT the answer!

Cogeco Monopoly

I just bought a new house on the outskirts of a city and the people across the street from me can get any type of internet they want.....I can only get cogeco since they made sure that the only line going to my house was cable-the phone line was put in but it will not handle dsl only the slow internet. So here I am stuck with cogeco and their rediculous overage charges per month. I have 8 people in my family-3 computers, 2 laptops, ipad, 3 phones, and 2 tvs that connect to the internet. Needless to say, I'm at 600 gig a month-netflicks and youtube and all the rest times 8. Since bell doesn't have high speed here, no other company offers high speed internet here besides cogeco. Sucks to be me, but be assured that when I can find another option besides LOS internet(700 plus setup and equipment fees and a monthly 70 fee for 60 gig at 6 mbps download) that I can use-I will cancel coge-so many issues with billing, tech service, pricing, bullcrap-co.

Dude bro wait what!

How on EARTH do you use that much bandwidth?
Its not cogecos fault your all glued to machines all day all month. Cogeco dident have the 8 people in your house go on youtube or netflix. You could stop using the internet once your reach your limit, but no you and your family CHOOSE to go above and beyond. Also not there fault your city has out of date communications infrastructure. Trust me Cogeco dident sneak that one and only cable line to your house in, it was there, you are free to use it how you please. As with all the rubes on this page your problem is your own fault. Your bandwidth over usage charges your fault. Family obsessed with 1s and 0s your fault.

This man believes rules or in this case Band Width caps are meant to be broken and he should not have to pay the price which he should.
Lets just say NO provider will be able to keep up with that 600 gigs of traffic you claim to be using a month. Also you will not find an ISP that will be offering a package that large.

All your fault.

Currently I live in Halifax

Currently I live in Halifax NS and have no cap with my ISP, 30MB download (consistently above 20) and 15MB upload (consistently above 10). I download about 20 GB/Day, about 600GB/Month, and upload about half that amount. I have never had an issue with my ISP providing this service. 49.98 a month taxes in including wireless router/modem. Perhaps you should do some research before putting blanket statements out there saying no ISP can offer a package that larger

Are you kidding me? You are

Are you kidding me? You are either a sad TROLL or an even sadder HACK that works at COGECO.
Get a firm grip on your HEAD and pull it out of your a**, or COGECO's A**. Do a little bit of research EVERY ISP can manage 600 gigs. a month per customer. Take a look at Britain you MORON.
People like you should stay off the internet and stick to a typewriter.


Got Cogeco again after a 6 month stoppage due to finances. Anyhow, I started with Lite package then in 2 weeks I used all of this package what they offer and would have to pay extra. So I upgraded it.....soon again I was going over the limit. I don't upload much, barely download. I don't need ect. I just surf the net, reading newspapers...msn,etc. Play games on Facebook. Listen to the Parliment. So again I upgrade it to lite-plus....and again this repeated. I'm now on the standard package and told today i'm at 85%. Crap....this is a rip-off!!!!!!!!!
I have been on-line for more than 13 yrs. What is this stupid usage stuff, fooling the customers so the company can make mega bucks on our hard earning money. And WHO will help us fight them? That's the question.
Unhappy customer:((((((((((((((((((((((((

cogeco sucks bad

We have been on cogeco for years and now they say that we are over our bandwidth every month. With that nifty $30 overage charge, my kids play little online games and I just surf the net for information, I don't know how the heck we can be over by 60 gigs a month. I know quite alot about computers, and enough about the net to know that they are just ripping us off. How can they charge $1.50 a gig when they pay 3 cents, that's gouging. There phone service is way to expensive also. We are now going to go to another isp for internet and phone. Cable, we are either going to go to basic and use netflix for movies, or satalite. What ever happened to the good old unlimited cogeco days. Well that's what happens, the more they make the more they want, for less service.

2 wks with cogeco

2 wks with cogeco and am not satisfied can i cancel? do i still have to pay the bill like the phone on what i used?

lol, sorry for double posting

lol, sorry for double posting there, i didnt see it go the first time, and i had forgotten to mention something. If get the cogeco internet lite package, your overage charges are max of $30, but what happens when you keep going over, they dont charge you any more, but they could shut off your internet, which would violate the contract, so they wont do that. Mind you the lite package might not offer the best speed, but you can still download well over 100GB a month if you wanted to.

Cogeco sucks

First off, let's me talk about the crappy programming that has been on TV in general, now I know this is not cogeco's fault, and is the fault of the stations, but since it is constant reruns of the same shows over and over again throughout the week, cogeco COULD and SHOULD offer more channels in packages. But on top of just being ripped off, the guide has been wrong a lot lately. Ever read the description of an upcoming TV show, and think, "Oh, I think I will watch that because it's 'such and such episode'" only to turn it on and find it is not that episode at all. This has happened a lot lately that I have noticed.

And what about the "FREE" programs on demand. Ever since the UI update, all movies on MPIX and TMN always say new, even if the movie has been on the list before. But the FREE on demand stuff, like WWE trial and Anime OD trials, are greyed out and require a subscription to watch the FREE stuff. Oh and I don't know who actually picks the movies for tmn and mpix on demand, but the selection over the last year has been horrid. I am a guy, and I like action movies, and horror movies, and yet usually more than 50% of the movies are drama. And cogeco can't even put the movies into the proper genre lists.

Now the phone service from cogeco is fine, except for the price, which is absurd seeing how phone service should be the cheapest thing compared to tv and internet.

Internet, well, I think the internet should be free.
Bandwidth, measures the amount of data that can be transferred in a given time. Now ISP's monitor how much bandwidth you use, and adjust your speeds accordingly, which usually means your speeds are slower than what you are paying for. So if you have 20Mb/s call up and tell them to adjust your speed so that you actually have that amount and not anything lower unless the cost is reduced (which wont happen). And the only other way is to download constantly and surf the web a lot to maintain your speed that you pay for, but then that means overage charges. And they get us again on another thing. Streaming content, playing online games, and yes even just surfing the net now all goes towards your download limit.

Let me explain it this way. Back in the day when playstation first came out the games were a bit slow, so you had a loading screen, which just transferred the info from disk to console, and was slow so they gave you a nifty screen to look at for several seconds. Streaming content is no different. The game on the cd was not transferred permanently to the console (which we know now is actually faster to do), and streaming does not save to your computer, yet this is considered downloading. But all that is being used is your bandwidth, the speed of which you get content, this has nothing to do with the amount. What you pay for monthly is your speed, the bandwidth. The bandwidth does not change, even though they do lower it based on your usage, so if the speed at which you can download and surf and stream does not change, and bandwidth has nothing to do with the total amount of content you go through online, just the speed at which you do it, so how can there even be a download cap in the first place? They monitor the traffic of your modem, and they cant tell what youre downloading or streaming, or just looking at while surfing, or if youre gaming, so they bundle it altogether and call it downloading.

So you pay for bandwidth, the speed of your internet, not the download cap, because the ISP are using that as a way to get money from people. They monitor your activity, and WILL lower your speed accordingly and charge you the same amount as before. Streaming, surfing, gaming online IS NOT DOWNLOADING.
STREAMING - the content is already on the internet, it just needs to be loaded, and is not considered downloaded
GAMING - is not downloading, it is no more than surfing the net, this requires BANDWIDTH not TOTAL DOWNLOAD AMOUNTS
SURFING - all the stuff is already on the internet, your speed only relates to how fast those webpages load, you are not downloading the internet to your computer
COOKIES - the only real content that is saved during your time online and is the only thing ISP'S can use toward your download limit other than actual downloaded material

Cogeco deserves all the bad comments it gets

Not only are they a rip-off for Internet, their cable rates are terrible. All this weekend, Windsor customers have had no interent, TV or digital phone service either. And it happens quite regularly! Canadians need to be liberated from this monopolistic system that is encouraged and maintained by the CRTC and the federal government.

You can't really blame Cogeco

You can't really blame Cogeco for this most recent incident though. A construction crew cut some fibre at Bruce and Wyandotte. Even after that, there was only an isolated segment of west Windsor that was primarily effected. Also, not just Cogeco was effected either. Rogers and Bell customers got knocked out too.

Stupid cap;

I suggest everyone download a program called "bitmeter" which shows your upload and download usage.
If we can all show that Cogeco meters are different than what our meters show, we can do something.
The government makes sure a liter of gas is a liter or a pound of sugar is a pound.
Who regulates ISP providers? Themselves?
Is that why when you sign up they say...."up to 200mb per sec" if......
We are being screwed and we are letting them......
Let's get together and do something!

Quit your whining!

It's hilarious listening to all the whiners here. I have had Cogeco for years and never had any issues. I lost HSI service in an outage maybe twice in that span, along with cable TV. I have never had any issues with tech support - probably because I never have to savvy enough that I can fix my own issues. I knew about the bandwidth cap and Cogeco wasn't the only one's doing it. I go over my bandwidth on a regular basis and pay the charges because it's my fault - not Cogeco. You can check and monitor your bandwidth at their web site so quit crying about unexpected charges. Maybe learn to read your service agreements as's all there in plain english. Part of the problem is 90 % of people don't read those agreements (also available online) then you cry bloody murder when you get your extra charges that are all written out in that agreement. Bell does the same thing, Shaw and Rogers do the same thing. The 30 day notice to cancel is a standard procedure for ALL cable companies...Bell, Rogers, Shaw and most of the ones in the U.S.( I do tech support and have worked for 3 of the major companies in the U.S.). Again, that is in the agreement you should be reading before signing up to any services. Don't landlords require 30 days notice when you move out? As far as the bandwidth cap goes, the purpose of bandwidth capping is to prevent individual users from consuming the entire transmission capacity of the cable, a shared resource. A bandwidth cap, also known as a bit cap, limits the transfer of a specified amount of data over a period of time. Internet service providers commonly apply a cap when a channel intended to be shared by many users becomes overloaded, or may be overloaded, by a few users. Implementation of a bandwidth cap is sometimes termed a Fair Access Policy or Usage-based billing. Critics have charged that it is a method to charge consumers more by introducing tiered bandwidth caps. Blame the users who use over 600 GB's a bandwidth a month - something had to be done. Many broadband Internet Service Providers in North America and Europe introduced bandwidth caps in the early 21st century. The same practice has been in place in Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia and South Africa since the release of broadband. Stop blaming Cogeco for this. No one says you have to like Cogeco that is your right. However, doing some research in the future and reading service agreements are two ways to prepare and educate yourselves. All this site appears to be is a dirty tactic to get you to buy into Teksavvy or others. Oh and the statement regarding bandwidth metering and jumping to conclusions regarding tv charged "by the hour" - that is coming from the CRTC - not Cogeco. I will stick to Cogeco - they have tyreated me fair and just thought I'd share a view from the other side.

RE: Quit your whining

bottom line is hes a tard....he has the iq of a grapefruit...people arent mad about this because they cant read or are unaware of the agreement...if you could read or even attempted to you would know this. The are mad that the are paying alot of money per month to use the internet and can barely get to experience anything with it. Any household with 4 ppl can chew threw 60gig bandwith like nothing. You could pay for netflix and maybe be able to watch 2 movies a week with it. Isnt it great to pay a 7.99 fee for unlimited movies that requires you to have over a $100 per month plan to use it. Please dont say they are "fair" when your just to dimwitted to realize you are being taken advantage of. Ignorance is bliss after all i suppose. Yes no one says we have to like cogeco, but then again no one says we have to keep our complaints quiet about it either. Usually complaints are how companies improve their policies to better service their customers and maintain their consumer base. Please get a clue, pull your head out, or hell even try some math

Do you work for cogeco?

Do you work for cogeco? Obviously you do! you had to type in cogeco sucks in order to get here! you didn't wake up and say lets a find a forum bashing cogeco and lets defend them! especially considering you felt the need to leave a hugeeee personal response as if you your offended! cogeco is a rip off! you don't find it weird your the only one they treat good? or are you just the most immature one out of the ones that get treated good and felt the need to defend them? loser


It costs less than 10 cents a GIG to STORE data, and they're saying it costs 1500 % more to transmit it over the wire using infrastructure that's already there? I call SHENANIGANS. Yah I said it.

Bandwidth rip-off

I just cancelled my Cogeco Internet service because of ridiculously high overage chages. I have signed up with TekSavvy and look forward to a great relationship there

Looking for an internet service provider

I was going to sign up to Cogeco but then I found this page.
How do you like TekSavvy so far?

Go with Teksavvy, you can

Go with Teksavvy, you can always change to Cogeco if they do a crappy job.

Way to go! I cancelled with

Way to go! I cancelled with them too, and it feels real goooood!

Just bought a house , had

Just bought a house , had service installed , not moving in for a week , told them we wanted to keep our service at the old house untill we moved , they billed us for both promptly , the moment they installed at the new house we lost our phone and internet. THEY BILLED US THEN IMEDIATELY SCREW IT UP.

Do you ever get it right cogeco?

will we get a prorated discount for the service we paid for but didnt get? Yeah right.

Its not only Cogeco who is completely inept , it is pretty much every company.
If a company advertizes something , they will dissappoint you in some way.

The world sucks now , can't trust a single company to ever give you what they promise for the money they ask of you.

I can't go to a tim hortons and get a coffee with the right amout of sugar in it.

We live in a society where people expect poor customer service and by default - put up with it.

Enjoy getting ripped off by Cogeco because it will never change.

Go ahead go switch to bell , they'll dissappoint you as well , then what? switch to some small infrastructure company with growing pains? Fact is its a two company monopoly and they just pass dissatisfied customers back and forth like tricks..

If you want net in Ontario , bend over and embrace the disrespect.

Teksavvy does a terrific job

Teksavvy does a terrific job given what they have to work with. I wouldn't knock the "small infrastructure companies", they can have their problems, but it's impossible for them to be worse than Bell/Cogeco.

Teksavvy UGH

Just waited 10 minutes for anyone in sales to answer...after that a person answered who could not speak english. He tried to answer my questions but couldn't even understand I wanted to get rid of Cogeco and switch to them....I just wanted to know how and how much....Can't someone offer internet service at a good price and good service. UGH

I'd try calling again during

I'd try calling again during off-peak times. They've always been good to me anyway.

Cogeco is not sufficient for everyday Internet

Hey, Netflix just started their $8 per month unlimited video streaming. As a Cogeco customer, I or anyone else will not be able to watch much. If you want to watch more than one hi-def movie every other day over Netflix, sorry you will need more than Cogeco's insulting, unrealistic, and expensive 60 GB cap! And that's ignoring all other Internet usage! If Cogeco continues to under-serve the needs of normal Internet users they will die like starving dingoes and I really hope that happens because those who cheat their customers deserve the death of their business. My sister and I are calling Cogeco tomorrow (it's too late in the day or I'd be doing it now) to give them an earful of complaints, ask them how stupid they think we are and then tell them "Sayonara, bitches! We're stomping your modem right now! Ahhhahahahah! *click*"


Cogeco is not and will not be going anywhere. The government allows these big ISP's to monopolize.

I had huge billing issues with Cogeco, they billed me for services I never had up to $600 in one month and then cut off my internet because the bill was so high. I called straightened it all out which took over a month and then they TRIED to charge me to hook my internet back up after they cut it off due to their mistake. They also sent a installation guy here to run a new line without a drill "Do you have a drill I can use?" is what he said. I said nothing for drilling concrete, so.... 4 hours later he comes back with a drill then asks "Hey, can I grab a couple of your rolling papers?" comes back 20 minutes later high out of his mind dropping stuff and fumbling around. Needless to say I said forget it and canceled my service.

So I called Rogers to see if they could give me service "No sorry government regulations won't allow us to service your area." I can have any DSL ISP I choose but not cable internet providers, that seems fair and in the best interest of competition wouldn't ya say? Cogeco does not care about customer service because the government basically says they don't have to worry about that aspect of business. Bell owns all of the DSL lines in my area so any DSL provider pays Bell, again Bell does not have to compete for our business because they get paid no matter who I go with. This is the stuff that needs to be brought to the attention of our MP's.
You realize now they want to implement User Based Billing? So not only will we have no viable competition to choose from but now they will be trying to bill us like hydro and gas does, per gb downloaded. They want to charge $4-5 a GB, a movie would cost more to watch over Netflix than just going to Blockbuster and renting it. It costs them pennies to distribute a GB, and again that is unfair business practice, but our government doesn't care.

I know of one site (there may be more) that is fighting for our rights, they have plenty of information on their website about the big ISP's and how they work and what they are up to. I suggest going there and checking it out, get involved make a difference. They do ask for donations, I have never donated because quite frankly I just can't afford it but they have lots of ways you can help without donating. They are non profit as far as I know and have already delayed this User Based Billing and forced Bell to retract the idea temporarily but that is only because we have an election coming up and they do not want it to be an election issue in fear of the masses figuring out what they are really up to.

I am only posting this because to be honest, complaining here won't get you anywhere. OpenMedia has petitions and well known spokes people to allow our voices to be heard, they have ins with MP's and other politicians and that is what we need to do. TELL THE GOVERNMENT THIS IS NOT FAIR BUSINESS AND WE ARE SICK OF BEING MISTREATED BECAUSE THEY DON'T HAVE TO COMPETE! Now if only we could get rid of the hydro monopoly too.... "sigh"

I do not work for OpenMedia, I just really believe we as a society are getting screwed and its time to do something about it.


Cogeco is not and will not be going anywhere. The government allows these big ISP's to monopolize.

I had huge billing issues with Cogeco, they billed me for services I never had up to $600 in one month and then cut off my internet because the bill was so high. I called straightened it all out which took over a month and then they TRIED to charge me to hook my internet back up after they cut it off due to their mistake. They also sent a installation guy here to run a new line without a drill "Do you have a drill I can use?" is what he said. I said nothing for drilling concrete, so.... 4 hours later he comes back with a drill then asks "Hey, can I grab a couple of your rolling papers?" comes back 20 minutes later high out of his mind dropping stuff and fumbling around. Needless to say I said forget it and canceled my service.

So I called Rogers to see if they could give me service "No sorry government regulations won't allow us to service your area." I can have any DSL ISP I choose but not cable internet providers, that seems fair and in the best interest of competition wouldn't ya say? Cogeco does not care about customer service because the government basically says they don't have to worry about that aspect of business. Bell owns all of the DSL lines in my area so any DSL provider pays Bell, again Bell does not have to compete for our business because they get paid no matter who I go with. This is the stuff that needs to be brought to the attention of our MP's.
You realize now they want to implement User Based Billing? So not only will we have no viable competition to choose from but now they will be trying to bill us like hydro and gas does, per gb downloaded. They want to charge $4-5 a GB, a movie would cost more to watch over Netflix than just going to Blockbuster and renting it. It costs them pennies to distribute a GB, and again that is unfair business practice, but our government doesn't care.

I know of one site (there may be more) that is fighting for our rights, they have plenty of information on their website about the big ISP's and how they work and what they are up to. I suggest going there and checking it out, get involved make a difference. They do ask for donations, I have never donated because quite frankly I just can't afford it but they have lots of ways you can help without donating. They are non profit as far as I know and have already delayed this User Based Billing and forced Bell to retract the idea temporarily but that is only because we have an election coming up and they do not want it to be an election issue in fear of the masses figuring out what they are really up to.

I am only posting this because to be honest, complaining here won't get you anywhere. OpenMedia has petitions and well known spokes people to allow our voices to be heard, they have ins with MP's and other politicians and that is what we need to do. TELL THE GOVERNMENT THIS IS NOT FAIR BUSINESS AND WE ARE SICK OF BEING MISTREATED BECAUSE THEY DON'T HAVE TO COMPETE! Now if only we could get rid of the hydro monopoly too.... "sigh"

I do not work for OpenMedia, I just really believe we as a society are getting screwed and its time to do something about it.

Hey guys, i'm a cogeco

Hey guys, i'm a cogeco customer and i watch my bandwidth consumption religiously and i got this damn worm that ate up over my limit and i used to work for these cock smoking faggots and they wouldn't give me shit i've been a customer since they first came out with high speed internet. I try to use my 60GB up and down every month as much as i can, and its fucking ridiculous how fucking anal i ahve to be to not get charged extra. Fuck you cogeco.

Cogeco Bandwidth Cap

Another one here who just got an overage charge. $41.08 was added to my monthly bill. I downloaded maybe 20 songs and browsed youtube a bit. I have the 60 GB package they offer and I don't think I should have been charged this much.

Like EVERYONE else, I would LOVE to see cogeco go out fo business. They are assholes who don't give a shit about you.

Customer loyalty means nothing to them.

Cancel Cogeco, and go with another ISP. Chances are you will be saving some money anyways..

Chatham, ON

my cap is 60GB a month and i

my cap is 60GB a month and i used 124GB :( .... sucks when you love youtube lol :S


I just got stuck with an $85 bill because for the first time in 3 years I went over the cap.
( My daughter decided to download some videos )
Teksavvy here I come !

i love you guys... ....

i love you guys... .... Cogeco cable tv is soooo fuckin dated, so slow , soooo lacking in good channels. Cogeco Internet is the worst ive ever had to use... thier customer service is terrible , ignorant , not helpfull... I HAVE COGECO INTERNET and Cable RIGHT NOW AND ..... its slow as hell people say cogeco is fast .. YEAH RIGHT .. When it works its kinda fast .. key words " When It WOrks "


Also they change their channels that your paying for with out telling you ... I bought the package with showcase action , diva , ifc , sceam & drivethru ..... THEY CHANGE SCREAM to DUSK and Changed drivetrhu to W-MOV .... THEY DIDNT EVEN CONTACT ME TO ASK ME IF I STILL WANT TO PAY FOR THESE CHANNELS AFTER THEY CHANGE THEM . ... I CALLED THEM UP AND CANCELED THE WHOLE THING.

ONE MORE THING -- im really sick of being told that they will be at my house to fix my problem inbetween the times of 12:00 NOON ---- 6:00pm EVENING .... CALLING INTO WORK SICK JUST SO YOU CAN SIT AROUND AND WAIT FOR SOME LAZY ASS CABLE GUY TO SHOW UP AT MY HOUSE ........ WHY THE FUCK CANT THE GIVE YOU AN EXACT TIME.


Unprofessional untrained staff no business manners

Cogeco charged me for bandwidth and also cut my phone service off for an amount owing on a bill no recieved yet. A payment (not full ) was made and I was told that it was not good enough and they sprung an amount unseen to me because that bill had not yet come in. Excuse after excuse was made to not put the phone on and I was told that payment arrangements are not excepted in this company only cash and the full amount are acceptable. When asking for a supervisor I was told none were available and that even if there was they could not help me either. They would be in touch with me in the next 24 hours. Wow since when did it become legal to take someones money and not give them service. I do believe that is steeling. Looking for a more reliable , Honest, professional company with a contract that does not have hidden fees and unreliable service. SCAMMERS!


Thanks for your comment on cogeco one of Canadian worst customer service and they are just making money cheating tax payers it was one of the worst cable company I ever dealt with I was using their phone services and cable close to 2 years one fine day the bill shows up double what I usually pay I called up the customer services they said that I am using over the limit of their bandwidth for downloading internet files that was bullshit I never used my services for download.
With out any prior notice about they have charged me and said from this month onwards try not to download any thing because we already sent you a notice last month for extra usage of internet will be cost more money I don’t even know what that means any ways I immediately disconnected their services after 3 months some one from cogeco called up again and said I still owe $45 I don’t know where that money came I paid that money. is there some else going through the same stress why don’t we all drag there ass to the court


I F*cking HATE Cogeco, those bastards from hell

These bastards are doing the same thing to me, charging crazy overage fees when we use the computer normally, and only ONE computer in the house, because those idiot couldn't figure out how to hook up my desktop, only my laptop, bunch of f'ing morons. When I called, I started out being nice, but this bitch-ass girl was sooo horrible, accusing me of over use on WiFi, which they don't even offer, the losers.... ugh. And we have only been with cogeco for 3 months, and ONLY because we can't get Bell, but I will definitely see if we can access teksavvy -- thanks for the info on that... and great forum, except for that asssshole who 'loves' cogeco.... ugh. Hate losers like that. What are you doing on this page, then, loser?? hahahaha! Okay, so I have to find a way to know exactly how much bandwidth I'm using, because those liars are full of sh*t, lying bastards. Thanks for the forum!! Yeah, this is bs that the Canadian gov't allows sh*t like this -- consumers have rights, and the Canadian gov't need sto support consumers, not these horrible companies.

I hate Cogeco!!!

I'm another to get hit with this damn fee, no warning no nothing! I complained and got some smart mouthed kid telling me there is nothing he can do. Not only that they screwed up my billing by charging me extra on services I don't have! I'm now looking for an alternate isp. I can only pray that cogeco some how goes out of business. The jackasses made 300+million dollars in profit and every year they raise my internet charge. I asked the kid to explain that and his reference was, well the cost of bread goes up, By then I just told him to f-off and hung up the phone.

I wish hackers or anything brings this price gouging company down!


Until now WE HAD A GOOD THING GOING WITH THIS INTERNET THING, I mean it was great and it did more than any1 would of imagined in so many ways and way more god than bad. And to take everything that made the Internet succeed the way it has until now and reverse it basically is a waste of effort it is sad to see that "THEY" cant leave anything alone not even one thing or something as good as the internet was and could of been. They have to put there greasy hands on everything and cheapen the expeariance and good of the internet, and now those dirty hands are finally ready to grip the thing people love most the one true pure innocent expieriance that the best of our minds had to offer .I used to love cogeco i believed they had excellent service and support.And now I agree with everyone here they are just scam artists. And yes they did make and still are making mistakes that i can only hope they wont be able to recover from by going the wrong way with it all, and i feel ashamed of them and i hope karma gets there hands on them the same way they got there greasy hands on something that was at once pure and just amazing. as Ignoring long time customers that have been loyale for very long times. Treating them like dirt as if our opinions dont matter its between them and officials. well that's bullshit we are them we make them without us they dont exist. And its sad to see that we are in the day in age now that people have no say or power in the matter even as loyal customers. I always figured things would work out for the best with cogeco because of my faith i had in most people having a conscious. And i dontthink its that they dont have one i honestly think that these people make themselves feel good about doing things buy justifying there actions to thereself or others around them in a way that allows them to not feel or think that they are responsible for anything they do that is evil in not human. And I feel that what they tell themselves or justify it with is by belieiving or thinknig that there not doing anything wrong because if it wasent them someone else would do it and make that desciaion for them anyway. And by telling themselves this and beliving it deep down they can overcome shame and guilt and do just fine being a lost soul. But I feel bad for people unlucky enough to be on the isp that screwed customers over the worst as a result to all these new internet crap laws or bills. or whatever they call them. You hope that the isp your on when all this shit happens doesent end up being the most rediculous and inconsiderate one, and results end up being even worse than the worst you can imagine. SELFISH BASTARDS!!!

Just cancelled Cogeco.

Yeah i agree . these buffoons are scamming less techy people everyday. When i signed up 2 years ago for cogeco i was promissed unlimited bandwidth , not to mention i am on the 10 mb download speed pack and i only get approx 5-6mb speed. I was appalled at the letter we recieved in the mail saying they are enforcing a bandwidth cap of 6o gigs. every gig you download over that costs you 1.50. It is very easy to use a couple of gigs a day just surfing youtube and playing video games. I have 3 children in school and a wife who all use the internet for different purposes. So 60 gigs a month is not much between 5 people and 3 computers.

I Called and complained but they pretty much told me to live with it , or switch to a more expensive package. they suggested the 100 gig plan for 90$ a month. that is absurd.

They told me that service will improve once the bandwidth cap is put into place , so i took their word for it and waited a month to see if my service got any better. it did not . my download speed was the same ( half of what i pay for) my upload speed did not change.

I called them up and told them i am very unsatisfied and am thinking bout changing to another provider, Their exact words were " ok Sir, thank you for using Cogeco services, your account will be suspended at the start of next week . If you choose to reinstall our services at any future time a connection fee of 87.00 dollars will be charged to your first bill. " That is it , that is all. no trying to convince me to stay with them, no kickbacks or loyal customer treatment.

Basically Cogeco does not give a shit about your service or you. They only care about getting your money with no hassle . once you give them any feedback they pretty much offer to cut you off.

I will never go with them again. i kinda took a hit and had to sign up with the only other available isp in my area and am getting only 5 mb download speed on their standard package but i am not that bummed because it is 20 dollars cheaper and i am getting what i pay for. with cogeco i payed for a 10 mb speed and only ever got 5.

So yeah . Fuck Cogeco and their cap. I Suggest everyone finds alternatives to get internet. It would be sweet to watch this company lose all its customers and crumble to the ground.. They want to treat us like dog poo then we should not show them any respect at all.

Just cancelled my cogeco

Just cancelled my cogeco account. 1gb is a joke with todays HD movies. Im giving tekksavy a try.

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