Casio Exilim EX-Z500 Digicam Return - Warranty Coverage

My Casio Exilim Digicam was having some problems. The wrist strap broke right off of the frame, and when it hit the ground, the tab that holds the lithium battery in place broke, so whenever I opened up the cover to change the SD card, the battery would be at risk of falling out. Many of the LCD pixels were starting to go dark, but not majorly. However, I feared the LCD was going to get worse over time. The camera did still function well, and I was still overall happy with it (looove the battery life, LCD size & charging dock), but the broken strap was annoying. When my 1 year warranty was about to expire, I looked into returning the camera.

I had bought the camera in the USA, but I live in Canada. Looking through the warranty information, Casio's warranty was, luckily, worldwide. The warranty card said to contact the relevant service centre in the country you were in, and send the camera, original sales receipt and warranty card to it. I packaged it up in the original packaging and a padded envelope. I didn't bother getting an RMA or contacting them in advance, I just sent the 3 required things. I stated in my letter that I wanted the LCD repaired/replaced (yes, a bit of a long shot), the battery tab fixed and the wrist strap fixed (which might mean replacement of the whole casing).

I mailed out the package with tracking and insurance on, I believe, the 26th of August, and it arrived on the 29th of August at the Markham depot (according to my tracking number). A little while later, I received a letter dated August 31st asking for $40 for the repair and $10 for S&H to repair just the battery tab and wrist strap. There was absolutely no mention of the LCD damage, though getting that repaired is a long-shot in my opinion. I do plan on contacting them tomorrow to dispute the charges (I really feel that these should be covered under the warranty). To be completely honest, I do feel that the charges are reasonable and I wouldn't hesitate to pay them if the camera were out-of-warranty, I feel that they should be a warranty benefit.

Update after calling Casio

Well, after calling them, they were saying that because it was physical damage it was not covered. After less than a minute of back-and-forth, they lowered the cost to $20 + $10 Shipping & Handling. I fully agreed to that, and I was able to give them my MasterCard Number over the phone. Overall, I am happy.

And got my camera back. It

And got my camera back. It was sitting at my parent's house for a few days. I'm quite happy with the speed of their service.

Also, they even replaced the LCD!!! If I had known that for the beginning, I wouldn't even have disputed the $40 initial charge.

Definitely buying a Casio again next time. It is kind of sad to hear some of the horror stories that people in other countries had with their Casio service, but I've been more than happy with mine.

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