Molecular Gastronomy / Spherification in Canada: Where to buy Sodium Citrate, Calcium Gluconate and Sodium Alginate

Ever want to make apple caviar? Or some faux 90s Orbitz drinks? How about molecular mojitos?
Well good luck if you're in Canada and don't want to spend a fortune.

Unfortunately, many of the ingredients are hard to get, or unnecessarily expensive in Canada. Some key hard-to-get ingredients sodium alginate, calcium gluconate (or calcium chloride, but the former is supposed to taste better) and sodium citrate.

Anyone that has browsed this blog knows that Dan has an idea of what stuff costs to produce, and hates getting stiffed by paying $$$ to middlemen that think they're special and deserve to get paid way more than the people actually producing the product. Unfortunately, this seems to be yet another venture in which I've come up fruitless on internet searches (unless you want to buy "food-grade" sodium citrate sold in milk jugs on Ebay...).

So, I've advocated for to start carrying these products. Thankfully they already have the agar at a reasonable price with free shipping.

Sodium citrate (USP) should be available from a pharmacy if they're nice enough to special order it in from you from their regular distributors (any Rexall/IDA should be able to, I'd go with the independent compounding pharmacies if you can, just explain what you're doing, and they _should_ be helpful).

Has anyone else found a reliable source of food grade or pharmaceutical grade ingredients for these kinds of food items?

Molecular Gastronomy

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Login for price? Sorry, I

Login for price? Sorry, I refuse to order from anyone that pulls such a trick.

Check out Powder to the

Check out Powder to the People - they are in Ottawa and ship across Canada:

Ick, $20 shipping for a

Ick, $20 shipping for a minimally sized order in the same province.

Molecular Gastronomy

Hi Dan

we sell these items where I work, I made the watermellon caviar, pomegranate caviar and coca cola caviar last weekend. Unfourtantely we did not have the calcium lactate in stock so I used the calcium chloride. Yuck, The only one that was palletable was the coca cola caviar. even after rinsing for 10 min. The pomegranate was not to disgusting as it is tart to begin with but I could not taste the watermellon at all.

We are getting some calcium lactate this week so I will be trying again this weekend. I'll give an update later next week

Thanks for the comment Paul.

Thanks for the comment Paul. Frank at Xenex already replied to my email, and I've yet to hear from (darn!).

Perhaps you could try calcium gluconate if you have it in stock? I'm not sure if it would be a waste of money or not.

You guys need a web storefront! Too many of these items are impossible to buy in Canada for no good reason. Change this!

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