Bell Sympatico DSL Internet Help/Technical Support Direct Phone Number

Regular Bell Sympatico Tech Support

Use these phone numbers:

ON&PQ: 310-SURF (no charge)
The rest of Canada: 1 - 800 - 773 - 2121

For Faster Bell Sympatico Technical Support Help No longer works, good while it lasted

In order to get quicker service for Bell Sympatico DSL Internet Service (So called "High Speed") technical support, use this direct phone number: 1 917 289 2200

By calling this phone number, you can bypass the annoying "Press 1 for english" and other prompts. You won't get connected directly to an agent, but you will save time by getting to the point that otherwise takes several minutes to get to (the queue to talk to an agent). So, in other words, you'll go directly on hold :)

The annoying "on-hold" music about using their online self-care service (while your internet isn't working at all) is still there, so I'd highly recommend getting a speaker-phone if you don't already have one.

The Catch

The only problem is that you aren't dialing their toll-free number , but rather a New York area code (I'm not sure if the calls are actually answered there, or just somehow routed through there). So, you may very well incur long distance charges, which are probably pretty high if you use Bell Long Distance. But hey, if you have VOIP, a decent LD plan or you're in a rush, your time might be worth more than what it costs you.

Other Tech Support Numbers to Try

Interestingly, these other Bell Tech Support numbers also work:

1 917 289 2201

1 917 289 2202

I have no idea what the differences are between them, I hadn't had the time to wait on hold to find out. It would be interesting to find out whether some numbers get routed to better call centers than others, especially if some get routed to a North American CSR, while others get routed to an overseas CSR that reads from a script. If anyone finds out, please leave a comment.

Why Not Just Pay Less for DSL Internet Service?

As well, if you are unhappy with your Bell Sympatico internet, there are a number of other options that are cheaper. just as reliable and with better service. The only downsides are that you usually have to buy your own DSL modem or rent them for a usually unreasonable fee. But if you're willing to buy your own internet modem from say, Ebay, like I did for around $35, you'll be joining a family of modem-owners, instead of throwing your money away in rent. So, you'll have to do a bit more work yourself, but the service can be better and cheaper. Teksavvy (which actually has received good reviews) is your best choice, with a decent plan for just $29.95 per month. Teksavvy does require that you buy your own modem, and I have everything you need for just $40, so contact me.

Lost password for email

I live in Germany but have a Canadian email address, which I want to keep.
I lost my email password and cannot re-establish it (I tried many times).
Is there a telephone number that I can reach from Europe (Germany)???

Peter Hessel

My daughter cannot reach me

My daughter cannot reach me at Sympati8co. but can send e message to my wife who has hotmail. Why? What can one do? Thanks BC Solymoss

give george cope constant

give george cope constant phone calls at his house till he answers..hes the thief ceo

So-called High speed

Just checked the internet is the report

Download speed...3.02 Mb/s
Upload speed.......0.68 Mb/s

Whats going on....its lagging and not upto the speed I am pying for.....Pl. check and fix


Fahad Nasim

Bell Expensive? Check out TekSavvy

Well, I'm not Bell, so you'll have to call them directly to report your issues. Chances are, this is the max speed that you'll get. It is an "Up to" service, which can vary significantly more than cable does. If your phone line stability stats are good, you might be able to call in and get 5mbit down service. Your ping times are actually pretty good (depending on where they're going to...).

Check out Teksavvy. They resell Bell's service (for simplicity of explanation) at a significantly lower price, with far better service.

Bell canada internet and other support numbers

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BELL Transfer Numbers

BELL Transfer Numbers



BO (ON) for Clients 1-800-668-6878

Bell Telephone 310-2355

BO (QC) for Clients 1-800-641-2311

Bell Sympatico 310-7873

Business Office 1-866-903-1263

Bell Express Vu 1-888-759-3474

Business Office 806-5005

Bell Mobility 1-800-667-0123

Dry Loop (ON) 1-877-877-5080

Sympatico Unplugged 1-866-875-9591

Dry Loop (QC) 1-888-980-2222

Chineese Queue 1-800-715-1888

Order Desk (for Clients) 310-4683

Bell Business Internet (AIBN) 1-877-877-2426

Order Desk (ON) 1-866-236-7774

Enhanced Services 1-866-522-1522

Order Desk (QB) 1-514-723-2518

PC Care 1-866-855-7510

SWAT 1-613-782-1351

VDSL 1-866-635-8375

SNET 91-613-783-6701

IPTV (Bell Entertainment Service) 1-866-797-8686

Get Connected 1-613-783-1246 Passwd Reset 1-866-284-8129

Test Center (ON) 91-866-787-7005

Canada Post 1-888-550-6333

Test Center (QB) 91-514-786-6720

Purolator 1-888-744-7123

HSC 1-800-344-1452

Dispatch 1-800-406-5231

And here are some

And here are some more:
ottawa hq 613-783-1282

test centre 1-877-909-4722


I forgot my password and they'll send it to me at my email address but I can't get to my email without my PASSWORD, or can I?

forgot my password

Iforgot my pass word


We hate Bell with passion and there is nothing we can do about it. We need more Tel communication providers so we could get cheaper rate when there is competition.

called the first number

Its for a residential bell connection! but it was answered IMMEDIATLY no ringing at all

dirty trick?

well, if anyone wants to avoid calling in and getting a representative that's difficult to understand (since not everyone has the ability to understand heavy accents) a dirty little trick i've used quite well.

ask for a french speaking representative. 99% of the time, they're bilingual and can switch with a simple "oh, whoops, looks like i hit the wrong option." and since they're all based in canada they will likely not have a hefty accent. the only downside is that you'll have to either have a basic grasp on french or know the menu system to get to a rep.

now, granted, the best advise i can give... be polite and patient. even if you're speaking with a representative from another country, they're there to do their jobs. some may be effective, some may not but a little patience and willingness to work with them i've found is a lot more effective than getting all "thunder and lightning" (as you may be disconnected.) besides, i've noticed, the overseas callcenters seem to be more a screening process... they cover all the things that are handled on your computer and the basic stuff like passwords, settings, modem resets and the like... if that doesn't solve it, you'll usually get to the next level pretty quickly.

Executive Support Number

Bell has an Executive Solution Center at 1-866-317-3382. This support center is based in Ottawa and this number was obtained by a client because they complained that the support given at 310-SURF (7873) was so heavily accented they had problems understanding them. This has been an issue for my clients more than once.

Woo Hoo

Called the first 917 and instantly got a answer scared me cause i didn't even hear it ring.

Jesus, thanks God this pages

Jesus, thanks God this pages exists. Especially with their multiple choices via an automated machine.

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