Airmiles Reward Credit Cards in Canada (& Debit Cards, No-Fee Too!)

My Personal View on Air Miles Credit Cards

I prefer cash-back cards, less hassle and you never have to worry about your points getting de-valued, but an Air Miles credit card is still better than a no-rewards card! So, be sure to also check out the MBNA Smart Cash With 1-5% Cash Back and No Annual Fee

There are two credit card issuers in Canada that offer Air Miles reward miles:

  1. American Express® AIR MILES®* Credit Card
  2. BMO - Bank of Montreal

With both cards you can shop at Air Miles Merchants are receive Airmiles from both the credit card, and from the store by using your regular blue Airmiles rewards/points card. 

American Express Air Miles Credit Cards

In the No Annual Fee category, there is the regular American Express® AIR MILES®* Credit Card. You get 1 mile for every $20 spent, and a bonus of 150 Air Miles when you first use it if you get approved. This is on-par with the "Silver" BMO Mosaik Mastercard which has an annual fee of $35

Also available is the American Express Platinum Air Miles Credit Card. This card has a $99 annual fee, a bonus of 350 Air Miles when you first get the card if you're approved and 1 mile for every $15 spent.

In my opinion, for most people, the $99 annual fee isn't worth it, but then again, I don't really bother with Air Miles too much. 

BMO - Bank of Montreal Air Miles Credit Cards

BMO has their "Mosaik" line of credit cards. These are Mastercards, so you have expanded spending options over the American Express cards, which aren't as widely accepted, especially in Canada.

For No Annual Fee, you can get their "Bronze" card which offers you 1 mile for every $40 spent. Their "Silver" Mosaik Air Miles Mastercard costs $35/year and offers 1 mile for every $20 spent, and 100 Air Miles when you get approved. Finally, their "Gold" Air Miles Mastercard offers 1 mile for every $15 spend, and 150 Air Miles when you get approved as a bonus. 

They also have extra annual fees if you desire a lower interest rate, but I wouldn't recommend that, one ideally shouldn't have balances owing on their credit card in the first place. 

BMO - Bank of Montreal Air Miles DEBIT Cards

Yes, there are cards which can earn you rewards when you use your Interac debit card.  Obviously, you'll need to get a BMO Chequing account to get one of these cards. 

From the BMO FAQ: "To collect AIR MILES reward miles on debit card purchases, you need to have a Primary Chequing or an Interest Chequing account, with Platinum Banking or one of the following Everyday Banking Plans: Performance, Premium, Plus or Practical."

However, found that you lose the other Air Miles benefits (like Air Miles for each Pre-authorized debit or each direct deposit), and you can't get Air Miles on any discounted rate plans. Boo-urns!

Overall, you do end up getting 1 air mile for every $40 spent on your Interac Debit Card if you qualify, which can end up being pretty significant for some people. 

Conclusion of Air Miles Credit Cards

Get the American Express® AIR MILES®* Credit Card. You'll get a 150 mile starting bonus, pay no annual fees and either 1 mile for every $20 or $40 spent, so make sure to use your Amex card whenever possible, which is most places.

lost card

I need a replacement card as mine fell and went under a cashiers till. They haven't been able to get it out.
I do not know the numbers.
Can you replace it or do I have to apply for a new one.

this post on rewards cards

Good info. Credit cards for consumers and business owners that accept them. A confusing subject even for the people who sell them. Great advice on the cashback card opposed to cards with points that the rules can change later and will. Also great advice on stores that accept Amex. Businesses usually pass any costs over to customers and accepting amex is generally a whole percent (at least) higher than accepting visa and mastercard.

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